AS 51

FAO 550


  • A dent type hybrid. Its main characteristics are large ears with 18-20 rows of healthy and large kernels.
  • A fast moisture release in the autumn, which should have in mind when determining the beginning of the harvest, because the ear husk is loose and completely dry in the harvest, while the plant often remains green for a long period of time.
  • Picking is easy and clean when performed by pickers. The ear is well preserved in corn cribs.
  • Expressed prolifacy in low plant population.


  • A medium late hybrid intended for the harvest of ears. Suitable for sowing in mountainous and lowlands regions on poorer and heavier soils.
  • Do not fertilize with large contents of nitrogen fertilizers. The sowing density is from 55.000 to 57.000 plants/ha (on 25-26 cm in a row). The sowing density must be adjusted to the growing conditions.


The recommended sowing density in poorer conditions is from 52.000 to 54.000 plants/ha and in optimal conditions is 55.000 to 58.000 plants/ha.


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