AS 603

FAO 600


  • A very early flowering for its maturity group and harmonized tasseling and silking provide an excellent tolerance to drought and high temperatures.
  • The ear is long, low inserted, a thin corncob (15%).
  • The ear has 18 rows of large and heavy kernels with reddish sides and more glassy endosperm with a high specific weight. The kernel is deeply inserted into the corncob, which decreases dispersal of kernels during harvest. The corn husk is loose at harvest time, which provides clean and  fast harvest.


  • Intended for earlier production of large, healthy ears and storaging of harvested corn in corn cribs.
  • The recommended sowing density in good conditions is app. 60.000 plants/ha, and in poorer conditions app. 55.000 plants/ha.


The recommended sowing density in poorer conditions is from 54.000 to 57.000 plants/ha and in optimal conditions from 58.000 to 61.000 plants/ha.


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