hybrid / AS 3333


AS 3333

FAO 350

Description of the hybrid

  • Ear type: Flex ear with mostly 18 rows of kernels, silk 10-11%, length 20-22cm.
  • Kernel type: Toothed, light yellow kernel color, very deep kernel.
  • A medium-tall plant with a low-set ear.
  • Very strong stem and root, so there are no problems with the stem lying down or breaking.
  • Very quick release of moisture from the kernel during ripening, which is primarily made possible by a very thin silk and relaxed husk.
  • The plant has a pronounced “stay green” feature, i.e. stays green and whole for a long time even at full maturity, well above average for this trait in early hybrids.
  • The hybrid tolerates stress due to drought and high temperatures very well and has good yield potential.


  • Primarily for early production of dry kernel and harvesting directly in kernels. However, due to the possibility to extend the ear in a rare assembly, it is suitable for harvesting, especially in mountainous areas and conditions and more extensive production.
  • Harvesting in ears is easy and clean, and harvesting in kernel is without a high percentage of kernel breakage and damage.

Recommended Assembly

Worse conditions


plants per hectare

Optimal conditions


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plants per hectare
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