hybrid / AS 554


AS 554

FAO 550

Description of the hybrid

  • A medium-tall plant with high yield potential. The pronounced feature of “stay green” gives a crop that does not lay down and does not break the stem. It will wait for the later harvest without any problems. The hybrid does not have the possibility of lengthening the ear, but that is why in rarer assemblies it has a very pronounced double ear, where the secondary, lower ear also brings a certain kernel yield.
  • The kernel is deep and very well “packed” on the ear with no empty spaces, resulting in very compact ears, well finished and heavy. The hybrid has no barren plants even in the most difficult production conditions and is very adaptable to different production conditions and tolerant to stress conditions due to high temperature and drought.


  • For dry kernel production and direct kernel harvesting. Due to the very thin silk, one of the thinnest of all corn hybrids, the hybrid releases moisture very well from the kernel for its ripening group.

Recommended Assembly

Worse conditions


plants per hectare

Optimal conditions


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plants per hectare
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