hybrid / AS 646


AS 646

FAO 650

Description of the hybrid

  • A new generation hybrid adapted for our production area.
  • High fertility potential.
  • A tall plant with a medium-high stem, a very strong stem and a well-developed root system.
  • The leaves of the upper internodes are placed at a small angle in relation to the axis of the stem, while the leaves at the height of the ear are placed more or less horizontally, which enables very good use of sunlight, as well as denser sowing compared to hybrids of later ripening groups.
  • The ear is large, and the kernels are heavy with more glassy endosperm.
  • The kernel is deeply embedded in the silk, which, along with a somewhat slower release of moisture from the kernel, significantly reduces kernel spillage by the hoppers if the harvest is delayed for any reason.


  • This is a hybrid that is primarily intended for combined harvesting: hoppers in ears or harvesters directly in kernels.
  • It is suitable both for sowing in conditions of intensive agrotechnics and quality soil, and for sowing in lower densities in hilly and mountainous areas and plain areas with moderate levels of agrotechnics.
  • The hybrid is adaptable to different agroecological conditions, there are no barren plants, it maintains a high level of fertility even in unfavorable growing conditions.

Recommended Assembly

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Optimal conditions


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