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The AS hybrids brand was created with the idea of ​​bringing new quality to the Serbian market. The breeding team works hard to create them…

AS hybrids brings varieties and hybrids to your production fields, which are created by applying modern breeding and selection technology…

Catalogs of hybrids
Here you can download AS hybrid and AS wheat catalogs
Catalog of silage corn
Here you can download the silage corn catalog.
Corn protection and nutrition

Here you can download the Corn Protection and Nutrition Program

About Us

The AS hybrids brand was created in 2004, under the name Prinosmax, within the AGROSAVA company, with the idea of ​​bringing new quality to the Serbian market.

AS Corn hybrids are hybrids of domestic selection, of exceptional quality, produced on domestic fields. They are recognizable for their yield stability in all crops, increased security and formation of uniform cobs. This is best evidenced by the results of trials and the experiences of satisfied users throughout Serbia.

Tradition and experience

A team of breeders, doctors of science, agricultural engineers and technicians has been working on the creation of domestically produced seeds since 2004.

High quality product

AS hybrids, apart from Serbia, are grown in 26 other countries around the world, and all seeds meet the quality and standards of the European Union.

Guaranteed success

For 18 years, our hybrids have been known for their stability in all conditions and uniform corn cobs that give economically profitable yields.


AS 201

FAO 280

AS 3333

FAO 350

AS 554

FAO 550

AS 507

FAO 570

AS 72

FAO 640

AS 646

FAO 650

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Agrosava was founded in 1990 in Belgrade. From the very beginning, the guiding idea was to create a specialized company in the field of plant protection. That idea led to partnership and close cooperation with several multinational companies, which continues today.

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