Preparation of corn silage

the right choice for the preparation of high-quality silage

One of the ways to improve the production and quality of silage is the right choice of hybrids for silage and the adequate application of agrotechnical measures that will enable that production to be economical and profitable.

The right choice is AS SILAGE CORN HYBRIDS – LEAFYMax.

LEAFYMax are leaf type AS hybrid corn and in recent years have been recognized on the market of Serbia and surrounding countries as a unique solution for silage production. These AS hybrids are specially designed for the preparation of high-quality silage.

They got the name leafy (LEAFYMax) from the gene that affects the formation of leaves (12 leaves and more above the ear), which is not the case with ordinary hybrids.
The advantage of these hybrids only begins with a larger number of leaves above the ear, because every part of the plant’s structure is designed to meet the needs of high-quality nutrition for dairy and fattening cattle through the breeding process.

The high quality of the silage of these hybrids is due to the reduced content of lignin (cellulose component) in the corn plant, which significantly increases the digestibility and utilization of the stored feed. Husk on the ear is compact, releases moisture from the kernel very slowly, and extends the optimal time for preparing silage. The ear is large with large kernels, soft endosperm (floury kernel) and as such is easily digested by animals.

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Simply put, the quantity and quality of meat and milk depend on the quantity and quality of silage you feed your cattle.

The amount of energy consumed in the digestion process itself and the energy released by digestion unmistakably determine the results of livestock production.

The selection of silage hybrids specifically promotes hybrids whose whole plant must be as digestible as possible, while the focus of classic hybrids is only the grain.

There are significant differences in the corn from which silage is prepared, so there are also significant differences in the quality of silage, which cattle breeders saw and approached the selection of specific hybrids for preparing silage in a serious manner.

LEAFYMax AS hybrids are exclusively intended for preparing high-quality silage from the whole corn plant. They are used for feeding ruminants, especially dairy cows and beef cattle.


The preparation of quality corn silage is crucial for the profitability of a dairy cattle farm or fattening cattle farm.


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